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Psychology on a global scale.

Kuba Krys

Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences

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I firmly believe that cultural sensitivity is key to achieving a harmonious future. In today's multipolar world, there is room for diverse worldviews, ways of living a good life, and values to thrive.

As of the mid-2020s, a multipolar world is evident. To mitigate potential tensions, it is imperative that we recognize and honor cultural diversity. The concept of being a 'good human' varies significantly across cultures.

In my professional endeavors, I embrace a post-disciplinary approach. This entails examining psychological phenomena on a macro-social scale and drawing abundantly from disciplines such as economics, political science, sociology, and other fields within the scientific realm.

In my pursuit to comprehend the diverse facets of human nature, I actively traverse the cultural boundaries that confine us.

Professional background:

JCCP's special section on "Bridging Cross-Cultural Psychology with Societal Development Studies":

In 2019, with Yukiko Uchida and Alejandra Domínguez-Espinosa, we announced the Call for Papers to a Special Section of the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology on "Bridging Cross-Cultural Psychology with Societal Development Studies: Discussion on the Idea of Cultural Sensitivity in Conceptualizing and Measuring Societal Development". In 2023 it got published - please see here.


In my publications, I describe the cultural nuances of wellbeing and societal development. Recently, I have begun studying civicness as a psychological model to further explore these topics. For more on my publications, please see here.

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