POSITIVE cross-cultural psychologY

well-being ::: societal development ::: cultural sensitivity ::: emotions ::: work-life balance ::: gender & family ::: honor cultures

Good life differs across cultures.

Kuba Krys

Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences

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Contact: kuba@krys.pl kkrys@psych.pan.pl

My motives:

I believe that cultural sensitivity is the key to a harmonious future. In the emerging multi-polar world, various worldviews, various ways of living a good life, and various values may flourish.

As of the 2020s, the bi-polar world is already the fact. To avoid potential tensions, we need to acknowledge and respect the cultural diversity. Being a good human has various meanings across cultures.

In my work, to let us better understand „outgroups”, I cross the boundaries the culture imposed on us.

Professional background:

  • I am an assistant professor at the Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

  • Large cross-cultural studies covering several dozen countries from all inhabited continents are my speciality.

  • Cultural sensitivity applied to societal development and well-being is currently my main area of scientific interest (for more please see here and here).

  • I love Japan. I lived in Kyoto and worked at the Kyoto University (as JSPS Fellow). My sensei was Yukiko Uchida.

Guest editing:

  • In 2019, with Yukiko Uchida and Alejandra Domínguez-Espinosa, we announced the Call for Papers to a Special Issue of the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology on "Bridging (Cross-)Cultural Psychology with Societal Development Studies: Discussion on the Idea of Cultural Sensitivity in Conceptualizing and Measuring Societal Development". We serve as guest editors of this Special Issue. For more, please see here.

Ad-hoc reviewing for journals:

  • Psychological Science,

  • Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin,

  • Journal of Happiness Studies,

  • Psychology of Men & Masculinities,

  • Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology,

  • Asian Journal of Social Psychology,

  • International Journal of Psychology,

  • and other minor journals (e.g., Frontiers, Polish Psychological Bulletin, Japanese Psychological Research).

Ad-hoc reviewing for granting agencies:

  • As an expert appointed by the European Commission, I review grant applications in the EU research and innovation programmes (H2020 - MSCA).

Major awards:


  • I act or acted as principal investigator in five externally funded grants (NCN, NCBiR, MNiSW) for the total sum of around PLN 2,200,000 (over EUR 500,000), and in several minor grants (e.g., FSS).

  • I was awarded the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) fellowship.