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Good life differs across cultures.

Kuba Krys

Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences

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My motives:

I believe that cultural sensitivity is the key to a harmonious future. In the emerging multi-polar world, various worldviews, various ways of living a good life, and various values may flourish. 

As of the 2020s, the bi-polar world is already the fact. To avoid potential tensions, we need to acknowledge and respect the cultural diversity. Being a good human has various meanings across cultures.

In my work, to let us better understand „outgroups”, I cross the boundaries the culture imposed on us. 

Professional background:

JCCP's special section on "Bridging Cross-Cultural Psychology with Societal Development Studies":

In 2019, with Yukiko Uchida and Alejandra Domínguez-Espinosa, we announced the Call for Papers to a Special Section of the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology on "Bridging Cross-Cultural Psychology with Societal Development Studies: Discussion on the Idea of Cultural Sensitivity in Conceptualizing and Measuring Societal Development". In 2023 it got published - please see here.

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